How to Install LED Ceiling Lights


LED ceiling light is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling. So how to install LED ceiling lights? Let's take a look at it together.
1. The ceiling opening where the led ceiling light is located
Use a tool to open the ceiling according to the corresponding opening size of the lamp. Please be sure to open the hole according to its size. Otherwise, the opening size will be too small, it will not fit or the opening size will be too large, and the LED ceiling light surface will appear. void.
2, led ceiling light connecting wire
Correctly follow the instruction manual to connect the wire and the terminal of the lamp. The installation must be operated by a professional electrician. Please follow the wiring safety regulations to prevent electric shock.
3, led ceiling light into the ceiling
Put the spring buckles of the LED ceiling light on both sides of the product vertically and install it into the ceiling after opening. Please confirm again whether the size of the lamp and the opening are in line. The preparatory work directly affects the progress of the follow-up work to a large extent.
4. The led ceiling light puts down the spring buckle

After confirming the size of the opening and correct wiring, put down the spring buckles on both sides of the led ceiling light. After putting it down, please make sure that the installation is stable to prevent swinging during the lighting process. For example, in the jewelry lighting process, the lighting effect directly affects the sales. Case.