How to change the bulb of led light


When we are carrying out house decoration and construction, we usually equip the room with lamps. Among them, LED lamps are widely welcomed by people, but some problems will occur after using LED lamps for a long time. For example, it is very common that the internal light bulbs are damaged. How to change the bulb of LED light?
1. How to change the bulb of LED light
1. First, disconnect the electric switch at home to ensure that the power supply is disconnected, so as to avoid electric shock accidents, then disassemble and clean the dust around the bulb with a clean rag, and then remove the lamp cover on the outer layer of the lamp to check Which bulb is damaged and whether it needs to be replaced.
2. After removing the lampshade, if one end of the bulb is found to have turned black, it means that the bulb is damaged. It is likely that the internal filament is burnt out. We need to buy a new one to install. Pay attention to the original LED lamp. Buy the same size and size, and give priority to buying good quality.
3. The next step is to check the internal structure, and then remove the snap ring that fixes the light bulb according to the internal structure, and take out the light bulb. Generally, the light bulb is inlaid inside, so just find the inlaid place and remove the light bulb. .
4. Then replace the old bulb with a new one. You can use the circlip when fixing the bulb, and then connect it to the power supply. Check it after installation to make sure there is nothing missing.
5. Finally, put the lampshade back after installation. If you are worried, you can turn on the switch to connect to the power supply, and then check whether it will light up. If it lights up, it means the replacement is successful.

Summary: The above is about the method of replacing the bulb of the LED light. From the above article, we can see that first we need to find the bulb that has failed, and then according to the specifications of the bulb, go to the market to buy a bulb of the same specification for replacement. . During construction, you must follow the regulations. This can ensure your own safety while replacing the light bulb. I hope it can help everyone.