Installation Method of Led Downlight


Installation method of led downlight
1. Preparations: Before installation, open the outer packaging of the downlight for inspection to confirm that all lamps and parts are intact. If any quality problems are found in the lamps, they need to be replaced in time. In addition, determine the installation location in advance on the ceiling where the downlights need to be installed, and ensure that the downlights maintain an equal distance between them. Some tools required for installing downlights, such as test pens, needle-nose pliers, tape, etc., also need to be prepared in advance. At the same time, you need to turn off the power supply at home to avoid the danger of electric shock during the installation process.
2. Opening: Because downlights generally use embedded installation methods, holes must be opened in the ceiling before installation, and the size of the holes must be determined according to the size of the downlight. At present, there are three common downlight sizes on the market, namely 5 inches, 4 inches and 2.5 inches. Before opening the holes, measure the size of the downlights in advance, and then cut out the corresponding mounting holes on the ceiling.
3. Wiring: Before inserting the downlight into the hole in the ceiling, you need to connect the wires in the downlight first. Under normal circumstances, there are two wires inside the downlight, the neutral wire and the live wire. Remember not to connect them wrongly. Connect the live wire reserved in the hole to the live wire that comes with the downlight, and connect the neutral wire to the neutral wire. At this time, it is also necessary to pay attention to ensure that the power supply is turned off when wiring, otherwise there will be a danger of electric shock. After the wires are connected, in order to avoid leakage during use, use insulating tape to wrap them, and turn on the power to confirm whether the wires are in good contact.
4. Adjustment: There will be springs at both ends of the downlight for fixing. By continuously debugging the springs, the height of the downlight can be determined and fixed. Before fixing, it is necessary to adjust the height of the downlight and the embedded size. It must be ensured that the height of the spring sheet is consistent with the thickness of the ceiling, otherwise it will be difficult to fix.
5. Install the light bulb: After adjusting the height, you can install the light bulb. There will be a special place to install the light bulb inside the downlight. After fixing the light bulb, break the light card and insert the downlight into the hole.
Downlight Installation Precautions
1. After unpacking the downlight, you should immediately check whether the product is in good condition. If there is a fault caused by non-human or the requirements specified in the manual, it can be returned to the retailer or directly returned to the manufacturer for replacement.
2. Cut off the power supply before installation, make sure the switch is closed to prevent electric shock, and do not touch the surface of the lamp after the lighting is on. This lamp should be avoided to be installed in places with heat sources and hot steam and corrosive gases, so as not to affect the life.
3. Please confirm the applicable power supply according to the installation quantity before use. It is limited to indoor use. Please ensure that the installation location can bear 10 times the weight before waterproof installation.
4. Lamp cups using high voltage (110V/220V) power supply should not work in the state of frequent switching on and off, which will affect its life.
5. Install in a flat place with no vibration, no swing and no fire hazard. Pay attention to avoid falling from high altitude, collision with hard objects, and knocking.
6. If it is disabled for a long time, the downlight should be stored in a cool, dry and clean environment. It is forbidden to store and use it in humid, high temperature or flammable and explosive places.
7. The installation position of the downlight should not be too close to the wall. When the downlight emits light, it will generate heat; if it is used at a close distance for a long time, the wall that is close to it will be baked yellow, which will seriously affect the aesthetics of the indoor wall.
8. The gas of the downlight should not be too strong. Because the downlight is relatively close to the sofa, direct light will cause damage to human eyes; it is recommended that you choose a light source intensity of 5 square watts and a soft color light.
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