The role of LED Floodlights


The role of LED floodlights
Glare refers to the phenomenon of dizziness and glare caused by people under the illumination of a certain light, which will affect the viewing effect and vision for a long time. Therefore, anti-glare high-power LED floodlights are required in some lighting applications today. light.
Anti-glare is to make the light soft in the work lighting, and the irradiated light will not overflow, so that it will not cause dazzling and uncomfortable feeling to the human eyes, and it will not affect the normal work under the light for a long time.
In anti-glare LED floodlights, we have used LED floodlights in many places, and in some places that require strict light distribution effects, we also need LED floodlights with certain anti-glare functions, such as professional sports venues, Outdoor high-power lighting lamps, high-pole lamps, building lighting, factory lighting and other places of LED floodlights all need to use the anti-glare function.
1. Surface treatment of lamp lens or light-transmitting glass, such as lens, we can choose anti-glare lens, and light-transmitting glass we choose frosted tempered glass lampshade;
2. Anti-glare baffles are added around the lighting so that the light will not shine on the redundant places around;
3. Add a glare grid to install an anti-glare cover on the light-transmitting surface of the lamp;
4. Appropriate adjustment of the reflective angle of lamps, the above anti-glare methods can be customized according to lamp styles and lighting requirements
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