What are the types of light bulbs? What are their respective characteristics?


The types of light bulbs are generally divided into: tungsten lamp, tungsten halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, metal halogen lamp, LED lamp five kinds. Here are the characteristics of these five kinds of bulbs.

① Tungsten filament light bulb

With a long history, the earliest type of light bulb, emitting a warm yellow light, was invented by Edison. This kind of light bulb is characterized by a relatively low price, but the life is not long, usually there will be a tungsten lamp burned out, in addition to not enough energy saving, not enough to save.

② Tungsten halogen bulb

A little more advanced than tungsten bulb, longer life, but the price is also high, the light is white close to natural light. This kind of light bulb can make the shape of the lamp can become very smooth and mini, saving more space.

③ Fluorescent tubes

Emit bright cold, hard color, with cyan, this lamp is very electricity saving, durable, usually used as a color lamp production. Affordable, can create a good atmosphere, the family usually kitchen and studio with more fluorescent tubes.

④ Metal halogen bulb

New research and development products, low price, usually used in gardens, parks and other places that need to be bright, emit a light orange light, most of the street lights use this light bulb, because the point is saved, so it is put into light, indoor lighting is still relatively less used, but no family began to use this light bulb for indoor lighting.

⑤LED lamp

I believe that most people are no stranger to LED bulbs, which are synonymous with energy saving and environmental protection, and are currently widely used in various fields, especially home lighting. But now the few steps of science and technology, coupled with the price factor of the LED lamp itself, also limits the extensive further promotion of the light bulb, so the LED lamp will no longer be sold for a long time.