LED Light Bulb Some knowledge points


Composition of LED Light Bulb

Lighting bulbs are composed of filament, resistor, capacitor and other basic components. Among them, the filament is the core part of the lighting bulb, which undertakes the important task of providing electrical energy and transmitting light energy. Resistors and capacitors limit the current and protect the circuit.

Types of LED Light Bulb

Lighting bulbs can be divided into many types according to different classification standards, such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lamps and so on. Among them, incandescent lamp is one of the widely used lighting bulbs, which is characterized by cheap price, low power consumption, but the light is softer. Halogen light lines are soft and stable, but have a short service life. LED lamp is one of the popular lighting bulbs in the market at present, it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, good durability, but the price is higher.

How the LED Light Bulb works

The working principle of a light bulb is to generate heat by passing an electric current through the filament, making the filament temperature rise and emit light. When the current passes through the resistor and capacitor, it creates a voltage drop on the filament, which causes the light emitted by the filament to shift. This offset light irradiation on combustible objects will cause fire, so it is necessary to choose the type and use of lighting bulbs reasonably.