The characteristic of the LED light bulb


3.(LED light bulb)Artistic light and color is the basic element of visual aesthetics and an important means to beautify the room. (LED light bulb)The selection of light source directly affects the artistic effect of light, and LED shows unparalleled advantages in the artistry of light color display lamps; Color LED products have covered the whole visible spectrum range, with good monochromaticity and high color purity. The combination of red, green and yellow LED makes the selection of color and gray scale (16.7 million colors) more flexible. Lamps and lanterns are luminous sculptures. (LED light bulb)The material form of lamps and lanterns constructed by materials, structures, forms and textures is also an important means to display art. LED technology makes the room lamps and lanterns organically combine science and art, breaks the edge frame of traditional lamps and lanterns, and goes beyond the inherent concept of the so-called lamp form. The lamp design recognizes, understands and expresses the theme of light from a new angle in the artistic creative expression of visual perception and form. It can make more flexible use of the combination of light and dark, the combination of light and color, and the advantages of material and structural design in optical technology to improve the design freedom to weaken the lighting function of lamps.

4、(LED light bulb)Humanization there is no doubt that the relationship between light and people is an eternal topic. "People see lights, I see light". It is this classic discourse that has changed the understanding of countless designers of lights. The highest state of lamps is "shadowless lamp", which is also the highest embodiment of humanized lighting. There is no trace of any common lamps in the room, so that people can feel the light but can't find the light source, reflecting the humanized design that perfectly combines light with human life.(LED light bulb)
LED light bulb