How to fix the LED light when it doesn't work


1. Replace the lamp belt with a new one
If the lamp strip in the LED lamp is aged or damaged, you can only replace the lamp strip in the lamp tube without replacing the lamp shell. You can buy a lamp of appropriate model, bring it back, cut off the power supply, remove the screw with a screwdriver, remove the bad lamp belt, and replace it with a new lamp belt.

2. Replace with a new driving power supply
Sometimes it's not because the LED is broken that it doesn't light up, but because there is a problem with its driving power supply. At this time, you can check whether the driving power supply is damaged. If it is damaged, replacing the driving power supply of the same model can solve this problem.

3. Replace the LED lamp with a new one

If you want to completely and quickly solve the problem of LED lights not on, the best way is to buy new LED lights and install them directly. Because the LED light doesn't work, if you want to repair it, you need to check the reason step by step, and then adopt relevant methods according to the reasons. It's time-consuming and laborious, and it may not be able to repair it. It's better to buy a new one directly. This can better ensure the rapid use of LED lights that can be normally lit, and will not affect our work and life.